The US took to the polls yesterday in the midterm elections to decide who would control the House of Representatives and Senate.

The race has been between Donald Trump‘s party, the Republicans and opposing party, the Democrats.

Voter turnout has been incredibly high according to estimates, with New York Times journalist Nate Cohn writing on Twitter: “Our current turnout estimate is 114 million votes cast in the House, breaking even our high expectations (we started at 102 iirc) and shattering the turnout of 83 million in 2014.”

This means that if those estimates ring true, 31 million more people voted in the 2018 midterms than the 2014 ones.

The race for majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate has been a close run one. 

Those voting for Democrat were hoping a “blue wave” would sweep through the House and Senate. 

Whilst Democrats have not managed to acheieve a majority in the Senate, the House of Representative results tell a different story.

Who won control of the House of Representatives?

So far there have been 411 out of 435 seats declared in the race for the House of Representatives.

The Democrats have achieved the majority in the house with 218 seats (50.1 percent) whilst the Republicans have 193 seats (44.4 percent).

There are still 24 seats to be announced, but regardless of who they are awarded to the Democrats have won the House.

The Democrats win in the House has shown a lack of faith in the President and will result in a lessening of his power.

Now that the Democrats have won the house, any bills passed by the President would have to be approved by them – so they have achieved more control in Congress.

For a new bill to be passed, both the House and Senate need to agree on an identical document.

One of the major flips in power was in the state of Nevada.

Jacky Rosen managed to unseat longtime Republican candidate Dean Heller, who had served in the Senate since 2011.

Rosen focused on healthcare in her race for a seat in the Senate, a campaign popular with voters.

In total, the Democrats have so far gained 26 seats in the House, in a predicted ‘blue wave’.

Meanwhile, the Republicans remain in control of the Senate, with 51 seats. 

Currently the Democrats have 43 seats – with six yet to be announced.